We would like to thank the following for the great products that helped us make our dream salon


All our salon equipment has been supplied by Minvera. With their headquarter just 4 hours from us in Atlanta GA, it made it easy for us to go down and see all the stations and chairs before we bought them. The sales team was very friendly and helped us with all the questions we had about the products. After ordering the equipment it only took three days to deliver. Once in the salon, Minvera had a technical person ready to help us build the equipment and make sure that everything was correctly delivered and put together. Thank you Minvera for all your guidance and help. With all the things to worry about when building the salon, the equipment was not one of them!

Freestyle Systems

For the added touch of class, we installed weightless blow-dryers from Freestyle Systems over all our stations. Not only are they a great look for the salon, but help the stylist out with reduced shoulder and arm issues. These systems also turn off automatically, helping us reduce energy use! Thank you Freestyle for making one system that does so much!

Something Fishy Consulting

We are so happy to have brought on someone to take care of the our pets in the salon! Rick from Something Fishy Consulting has been maintaining our tank and it looks great. If you have not stopped in and saw the new fish, please stop by. The fish tank looks amazing!